Clinical Distinction is a self-directed experience which provides third year Touro University California students the opportunity to improve their training and readiness for residency. Students at Touro complete two four-week Clinical Distinction courses during third year.

The Clinical Distinction Courses offer three ways for students to distinguish themselves as they prepare for residency:

  • Self-Selected Study – Through a self-selected study program, students can deepen their competence in a chosen area, or broaden their horizons by exploring unfamiliar domains in health care.  Independent study may even spark a passion that informs their career.
  • Demonstrated Commitment  – These courses are high yield for the MSPE “Dean’s Letter” requirement of residency applications. Clinical Distinction courses help students demonstrate their creativity with unique projects, their dedication to community service, or their acquisition of distinctive skills and knowledge.
  • Individual Expression – These courses allow students to express themselves in their studies.  In the narrative evaluation, students are given the opportunity to speak directly in a language that residency directors will be looking for – competency, entrustability, and professional development.

Everything necessary for completing a Clinical Distinction course can be found here on this website.

This website has four sections.

  1. This first one “About” has information about HOW the Clinical Distinction Course works.
  2. The “Requirements” section explains exactly WHAT  must be done and and WHEN it must be done.
  3. The section “Design your Specialty Track” walks students through each of the steps needed for success in this part of the Clinical Distinction experience.
  4. The “Resources” section has sample projects, sample documentation, learning activities and even some specialty course designs that can be used as templates.

Reading through the whole website in advance will help students be prepared to take full advantage of the opportunities Clinical Distinction provides for residency readiness and a successful match.