Faculty Sponsor

The term “Faculty Sponsor” is used to designate the teacher for your Clinical Distinction Course. This faculty member will have different responsibilities depending on the track you select. In all cases they must approve your track selection – for clerkship this means accepting you on rotation. The Faculty sponsor is also responsible for the final determination of your grade (Pass/Fail).

Here are their additional responsibilities for each track:

  • Generalist Track:
    • Approve your module selection
    • Review your completion paperwork
  • Board Success Track
    • Collaborate with you on your contracted learning and approve it
    • Collaborate with you on your self evaluation and sign the completion documentation
  • Clerkship Track
    • Evaluate your work in a written online Clinical Performance Evaluation
    • Ideally meet with you to give you feedback on your performance during the clerkship.
  • Specialty Track
    • Collaborate with you on your contract and approve it
    • Collaborate with you on your final evaluation and complete their evaluation of you in the online form for Clinical Distinction
    • Ideally meet with you to give you feedback on your performance during the clerkship.

Selecting a Faculty Sponsor

Who your faculty sponsor will be depends on the track chosen:

  1. Board Success Track: Academic Mentor
  2. Generalist Track: Dr. Weiss
  3. Clerkship Style Track:
    • Clinical rotation – Preceptor
    • Research – Principal Investigator
    • Global Health Program – determined faculty for Global Health
  4. Specialty Track
    • Student selected faculty

Important Notes:

  • Specialty Track: The best faculty sponsor is someone who will be able to observe you in the workplace, performing entrustable professional activities.
    • If you are doing any clinical activities, research or non independent study activities, try to find a faculty sponsor who will work with you or be able to observe you.
    • If you are not doing any activities with a faculty member, meet with your CD advisor early to talk about how you will get evaluated.
  • Board Success Track: You do not have to work with your academic mentor for Board Success track – they are available if you choose to work with them, but any faculty who agrees can sponsor you.

CD Advisors

In addition to a faculty sponsor for each course, students are assigned a Clinical Distinction Course Advisor. The 4 Course advisors can assist you with all steps of the Clinical Distinction process:

  • Selecting a schedule in second year
  • Ordering of non-core rotations
  • Selecting Tracks for each CD block
  • Choosing the best faculty sponsor
  • Navigating paperwork and the website
  • Specialty Track Design
    • Understanding and selecting Competencies and EPAs
    • Drafting a Contract
    • Drafting a Narrative
    • Successfully communicating with and finding a clinical preceptor to be your sponsor
    • Back up Faculty sponsor while waiting for communications with clinical preceptors

*** If you work with your CD advisor on drafting a contract prior to communicating with a clinical preceptor or other potential faculty sponsor, you will be more successful: your contract will be better, your project will be better and your faculty sponsor will have an easier time saying yes because they will have less work to do.

Wondering who your CD advisor is? The list is posted in BB in  the co2020 Clinical Distinction Organization.

For Class of 2021, your advisor list can be found in Canvas in the Clinical Distinction Organization.

You can contact any of the CD advisors at any time, even if they aren’t your assigned advisor.

Glenn Davis, M.S.  – Designing a contract, developing an effective narrative evaluation, creating distinction, talking to preceptors about being sponsors
Curriculum Director
(707) 638-5275

Walter Hartwig, Ph.D.  – MSPE, creating distinction
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
(707) 638-5410

Athena Lin, Ph.D.  –  creating distinction, determining appropriate work load, global health projects
Associate Professor in Basic Science
Vice Director of Global Health Program
(707) 638-5239

Teresita Menini, M.D.  – Determining appropriate work load, creating a longitudinal experience, selecting a faculty sponsor
Assistant Dean for Clinical Faculty Development
(707) 638-5435

Jennifer Weiss, D.O. – Creating distinction, course resources, determining appropriate work load, creating a longitudinal experience, selecting a faculty sponsor, clinical distinction course logistics, talking to preceptors about being sponsors
Clinical Curriculum Director
(707) 829-9788*

*The best way to reach Dr. Weiss is through email. Phone calls are not returned same day.