The structure of Clinical Distinction facilitates learner-centered learning. Every student will complete two Clinical Distinction courses during third year. Every student must complete one specialty track course. But each student can also choose to complete a different type of track.

Students may select one of the following tracks for each Clinical Distinction block:

  1. Specialty track
  2. Generalist track
  3. Board Success track
  4. Clerkship Style track

Each of the tracks listed above has a page dedicated to it which explains the components and requirements needed to succeed in each type of track. These can be found in the Requirements section.

Students are required to complete at least one Clinical Distinction as a specialty track.

Creating a specialty track is described in detail over many pages in this website including a requirements page and a multi-page section:  Design your Specialty Project that guides students through each step of the process.

Scheduling Clinical Distinction

During third year all students have 4 non-core rotation blocks. During these 4 blocks students may take 4 weeks of vacation and will complete 4 weeks of selective. The order of vacation, selective and the two Clinical Distinction courses is up to the student within the confines of the schedule they select at the end of second year.


More Information

If you have questions about which track to select, or when to schedule each of your non-core rotations, schedule a meeting with your Clinical Distinction Advisor.