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If I do 2 specialty tracks will both show up in my Dean’s letter?

Yes absolutely!

If I do board review will that be represented in my deans letter?

Generally not. In some cases students who are required to do board review by SPC may end up having some information about the board review track in their Dean’s letter but if they have done a specialty track also, this does not happen.

It seems like it’s easier to get Touro faculty to be my sponsor for my specialty tract then to ask a doctor from one of my clerkships. Is there any reason why I shouldn’t just have Touro faculty be my sponsor?

The best person to be your sponsor is someone who’s potentially interested in the project you’re doing, but most importantly is able to actually see you do work. In most cases Touro faculty are happy to sign off on your project but they can’t really do more than simply say “it looks like you did what you said you did.”

On the other hand your clinical faculty at your clerkship site can actually say that they observed you completing entrustable professional activities. If your evaluation, at the end of the specialty tract includes comments from adjunct faculty it is more meaningful to residency directors than Touro faculty. Why? Because unlike Touro Faculty, adjuncts have no investment in residency match rates, in a way they can be more objective, so if they praise your work it carries more weight.

I already submitted a rotation request form. Why am I being asked for more documentation by the CED?

A frequently confused issue is the difference between the rotation request form and the contract for Clinical Distinction. For each of your four green blocks two of which will be clinical distinction one of which will be a vacation and one of which will be selective courses, you need to complete a rotation request form. Clinical Distinction courses which are independent study, require that you document the work you do by committing to a contract and writing up what you completed in a narrative evaluation. For the board review, the specialty and the generalist tracks you access the documentation through a link which is different from the rotation request link and can be found in blackboard or canvas. For the clerkship style tract and for selectives, and vacation, you don’t need to use these additional forms. See the respective requirements pages on this website for more details.

How do I know if I need IRB approval?

If the project you are doing includes any research with human subjects, including , questionnaires submitted to members of the public or patients, gathering data from patients or charts it will likely need IRB approval. The Ideas and Activities page in this website has more details.

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