In this section you will find lots of “idea pages” which contain, topics, activity resources and even some faculty sponsors to help you design your specialty project. Most of these idea pages are intended to get you started in the creative process – not dictate a course of study or project. Depending on your interests, your learning style and your level of creativity you’ll each use these pages differently. There are four levels of resources:

  • Just Ideas – faculty have presented ideas, topics they are interested in, but there are listed vetted resources. However, since faculty have suggested them, it means they are likely to support your endeavors.
  • Ideas and Resources – These ideas are presented with interesting online or live activities – with and without faculty sponsors.
  • Strong Faculty Support – These ideas have been used for Specialty Tracks previously. There are activity resources and faculty sponsors interested in working with students.
  • Course Templates – The course templates listed below are an option for students who don’t want to design a course from the ground up but want to do a specialty track. They include the most extensive resources and faculty support.

Just Ideas

These ideas have been suggested by faculty (which means they’d probably be happy to work with you if you select them) but no resources are posted here:

  • Advanced Medical Spanish Track – Dr. Teresita Menini
  • Occupational Medicine – Dr. Alesia Wagner
  • Advocacy and Professional Involvement  – utilizing legislators, OPSC, AOA, ACOFP national and state – Dr. Alesia Wagner
  • Ethics and Professionalism – Dr. Weiss


These idea pages have have great resources:

Resources with Excited Faculty Sponsors

These idea pages have strong faculty support:

Resources with Course Templates and Faculty Sponsors

These idea pages have resources that can be used as templates for students who don’t want to create a project de novo. They can also be used as resources to incorporate into your project