Structured Course Template

The Advanced Osteopathic Manipulative medicine resources offer a course template for Clinical Distinction allows the student to do less development in their specialty track. The descriptions below explain the activities and requirements for the course as designed. As always a contract and narrative evaluation must be written by the student. If a student is interested in using these resources but not following the template they should contact the faculty sponsor listed below or another OMM faculty member to discuss their ideas. Resources that are independent study, such as suggested readings can be incorporated into any project without using the template described.

Clinical Distinction- Advanced Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine

This track will be an optional way in which students may work to further their osteopathic knowledge and skills.  This track will allow the student to distinguish themselves in osteopathic competency and achievement.  This track may be completed in one of three different ways:

  1. As a four week block during their third year
  2. As both clinical distinction blocks (two four week blocks) during their third year
  3. As a longitudinal experience (you can do this track during your entire third year and collect

Points from activities as they are completed)

You can also either

  1. Use the point system as outlined below
  2. Create your own osteopathic adventure! We are happy to help you do either!

In order to begin this track please contact Dr. Pierce-Talsma.  You may request a specific OMM Faculty member, or Dr. Pierce-Talsma will be your faculty advisor.  Specific advisors may or may not be available as time permits.  You may request one of our OMM faculty, or an osteopathic advisor you have met on your rotations.


Course Learning Outcomes:

  • Integrate osteopathic principles and use of OMT into all core rotations and applied to all specialties
  • Provide a framework that ensures competency and comfort level of use and application of osteopathic principles and OMT
  • Develop osteopathic physician leaders to champion the osteopathic profession as we look ahead to the future
  • Mentor and inspire our students to embody the D.O. difference
  • Promote the use of OMT and osteopathic principles and practice in daily practice in any specialty and improve public access to osteopathically distinctive care
  • Encourage the continued growth of hands on palpatory skills in the clinical setting
  • Utilize the mind, body, spirit connection in the understanding of health, disease and treatment of patients.
  • Develop student skills in Osteopathic diagnosis, treatment plans, prescription, documentation and billing of OMT.
  • Review the anatomic and physiologic principles on which the osteopathic foundation is built
  • Utilize the tenants of osteopathic medicine in the treatment of patients

Students will be required to achieve a minimum of 250 points to be considered eligible for Advanced Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine Clinical Distinction.  Keep track of any certificates, course registration, written papers, posters or presentations you design.  These can be submitted with your clinical distinction form in order to demonstrate your achievement of the EPA’s!  Use the point system below or come up with your own plan!!!!!  We are here to help you!!!!

  • Participation in the Clinical Online Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (COOMM) Elective with Dr. Pierce-Talsma- 200 points
  • Participation in the “Clinical OMT Lab (H-89) Summer Elective with Dr. Pena-100 points
  • 2 week Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine Elective Rotation- 100 points
  • 4 week Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine Elective Rotation- 200 points
  • Attendance at the American Academy of Osteopathy’s Annual Convocation- 100 points
    • For an extra 25 points write a 3-5 page reflection of what you learned at this conference.
  • Attendance at the OPSC (Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons of California) conference OMM Lectures and labs- 50 points
    • Additional 25 points for participating in the Osteopathic Diagnosis and Treatment sessions
  • Participation in Osteopathic Research (with a note from the Primary Investigator)- 100 points
    • Published paper (JAOA, AAOJ or other)
    • Article (OPSC or other)
    • Poster (presented at any conference related to OMM content)
  • Attendance at any Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine Course (including the SCTF and Cranial Academy Courses)- 100 points
  • Completion of Cranial Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine Completion Course at TUCOM- 75 points
  • Submission of an A. Hollis Wolf AAO Case Presentation at TUCOM- 100 points
  • Acceptance and presentation at A. Hollis Wolf AAO Case Presentations at the AAO Convocation- 100 points
  • Attendance at AAO sessions at the AAO OMED conference- 100 points
  • Attending ≥ 8 COAR sessions at TUCOM- 50 points
  • Attending ≥ 8 OMM Econferences -50 points
  • Applications of OMT on clinical rotations attended by Preceptors > 50 in one year (with procedure log documentation)- 50 points
  • Practice of OMT on a friend or family member >15 in one year (with procedure log documentation)- 25 points
  • Review of Osteopathic research from journals with a paragraph of summary for each article > 5 minimum- 25 points
  • Attending Weekend Workshops in OMM as offered at TUCOM or other accredited program (minimum 6 hours)- 25 points
  • Attendance at OMM sessions at either the SRFC or Suitcase clinics >2-25 points
  • Returning as a Teaching Assistant (TA) in the OMM lab at TUCOM- 15 points per half day session
    • Please contact Sara Colt ( so we know who will be in lab
  • Reading of an osteopathic text a with written 1-2 page minimum summary- 50 points per text
  • Presenting on an osteopathic topic (either at your core site or at an econference)- 25 points per presentation
  • Other project advised by an OMM Faculty Advisor (either at TUCOM or community physician)- points TBD (This is your chance to be creative about what you would like to complete! Come up with a plan, work it out with your advisor, and we will determine how many points it will achieve)

Faculty Sponsor

Dr. Pierce-Talsma

Any OMM TUCOM faculty with approval of Dr. Pierce-Talsma. Please email Dr. Pierce-Talsma before contacting OMM faculty.