Radiology is a rich learning area, not only for students interested in becoming a radiologist but for all students who, as third year medical students and later as interns will be required to learn about imaging studies in each of their core rotations and throughout their career.

Resources and Ideas

  • Participate in radiology session during callbacks if available
  • Review films of patients and present your findings on any core rotation
    • log these experiences or
    • write them up as H&Ps SOAP notes
    • write about
      • why radiology tests were ordered or not
      • how the cost or availability of other resources impacted the choice of test
      • what the outcome was of ordering the test
  • Spend a day or several days/weeks in a reading room with a radiologist
  • Prepare and deliver a presentation
  • Participate in Dr. Pera’s radiology elective if available
  • Participate in creating or delivering the imaging training for OMS I and II
  • Online resources to use
  • Pocus Resources