Overview and Registering for the Course

Students must complete two Clinical Distinction courses during third year. All students must complete one specialty track. Each track has different requirements, however, the first requirement for every track is to complete a rotation request form. In order to complete this form you must have documented approval from the appropriate faculty sponsor and/or site(s). On the pages in this section you can review who you need approval from for each track.

Track Specific Requirements

In addition to the rotation request form, each track has different requirements as follows:

Generalist Track

  • Rotation request form
  • Documented approval from Dr. Weiss
  • Commitment to learning modules
  • Completion form documenting work.
  • Course evaluation

Board Success Track

  • Rotation request form
  • Documented approval from Faculty Mentor
  • Board review contract approved by Faculty Mentor
  • Board review completion form completed by student and Faculty Mentor
  • Course evaluation

Clerkship Track

  • Rotation request form
  • Documented approval from Clinical Site, research PI, MPH advisor or GH program
  • Clinical Preceptor Evaluation
  • Site/Course evaluation

Specialty Track

  • Rotation request form
  • Documented approval from faculty sponsor and any clinical sites at which you might work
  • Learning contract approved by faculty sponsor
  • Final narrative evaluation completed by the student and the faculty sponsor
  • Course evaluation

The pages in this section give you the details of how to complete each of the requirements, what the deadlines are, and how to find links to online forms.

Notice that for every track you must complete a rotation request form. This is not the same form as the contracts and completion forms required for specialty track and board review. This form tells the CED where you are going to be, who you were going to be working with, and what you’re going to be doing. It allows the CED to review and confirm that all aspects of your course plan are in compliance with department policies.