The learning contract, an online form completed by the student, and reviewed and signed by the faculty sponsor, is a key component of the specialty course.

The learning contract will include selected:

  • Idea, specialty, or topic
  • Activities
  • Competencies
  • Entrustable professional activities
    • level of entrustability at the start of the course
    • expected level of entrustability at the end of the course
  • Reason for creating the project design
  • Plan of self-assessment

The purpose of the contract is a written student commitment to learning that describes the student’s learning needs and goals, framed in the language of competence and entrustability.  It also ensures that the faculty sponsor understands the work they are agreeing to. Finally, done well, the contract will prepare the student to write a powerful narrative evaluation with ease.

To complete the online form, be sure you’ve decided on each component of your project first. Have an idea about each of the concepts listed above. You might want to work on the contract offline first.

The link to the form can be found in the Requirements section on the page “Specialty Track.”

Plan Ahead

The learning contract specifies what you are going to do and how you are going to self-assess. It is also a guide for writing your narrative evaluation at the end of the course. When you write your narrative evaluation you’ll refer back to your contract and use the goals and learning outcomes you decided on to determine your growth and development during the project.  Think about what kind of outcomes you want to be able to discuss when you finish your project and make sure you’ve described that in your contract of learning.

A few more details

The contract is due on the first day of your clinical distinction course. This means you may need to submit it to your sponsor before the course starts so you can begin to revise the form, if needed, and then complete it on time.

The contract is a different form than the rotation request form. The rotation request form is due 60 days before your clinical distinction course begins.