Narrative Evaluation

This final form is your completion documentation for the specialty track. Just like the contract it is a collaborative document. You should complete your portion, submit it to your faculty for review and if requested make revisions. Once you are finished, your faculty sponsor will complete the final portion of the form and give you your final grade of Pass or Fail.

You will receive a link to this form in your email. As with the contract, once you submit your portion, your faculty will receive a copy of it and have a chance to make comments or submit an approval of it with their documentation.

Exit Interview

Part of the process, before the faculty submits their form, should include an exit interview.

  • The interview can be live or virtual (phone, video conference and if necessary email exchanges.)
  • The interview should be a time you get feedback from your faculty sponsor.
  • The interview should help the faculty sponsor to evaluate you.
  • The interview can include
    • a review of documentation such as logs, H&Ps or software developed
    • a “performance” evaluation such as a mock H&P or use of POCUS simulator
    • a discussion of the student portion of the narrative evaluation
    • a discussion of the project or experience
    • an evaluation of EPAs using the rubric

A few more details

  • You can see a sample narrative evaluation on this page.
  • The narrative evaluation gives you ample room to discuss your project, show any growth you may have had, and draft an excellent description of the experience for your Dean’s letter (MSPE).
  • The online form guides you with how to do this effectively, but it also gives you ample room to be creative.
  • You can see some excerpts that are from in the MSPE’s of previous students on this page.