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About Clinical Distinction

Your Journey Begins

Clinical Distinction is an award-winning course.

Students are tasked with self-evaluating and creating a project that meets their needs and ignites their passions.

Clinical Distinction offers many options for student driven learning. The heart of the course is the Specialty Track.

In 2017 and 2018 Clinical Distinction was recognized with awards in innovation in academic medicine.

  • In 2017 AACOM’s Society of Osteopathic Medical Educators (SOME) conferred its annual Innovation in Medical Education Award in recognition of specific education innovations that have resulted in meaningful change at the developers’ institutions to Jennifer Weiss, DO, Associate Professor, for her innovation: Clinical Distinction: Advancing EPAs through a Required Year 3 Course.
  • In 2018 Glenn Davis MS Associate Professor and team members Jennifer Weiss, DO, Teresita Menini, MD, Howard Feinberg, DO, and Walter Hartwig, Ph.D., were awarded The Innovations in Medical Education Stephen Abrahamson Award for Innovation for the Clinical Distinction abstract, submitted at the Innovations in Medical Education Conference at USC.

Chose your Adventure: there are three choices for your two Clinical Distinction courses…we call them tracks

You must do one Specialty Track during your third year.

For your other CD, choose from these three tracks:

Specialty Track

Special because of what you put into it and the rewards you get for your efforts.

Board Success Track

A chance to study for a high-stakes exam with a contract of learning as a structure.

Clerkship Style Track

Identical to the elective requirement.

Your Support Team

Throughout third year, students can rely on the course coordinator and course directors to guide them through the journey. Additionally students will select a guide, mentor or faculty to be their sponsor for the specialty track.

“Designing my own specialty track… was amazing. I had the opportunity to develop skills in research and community outreach. I appreciate the level of flexibility that the format provided me.”

The foundation of the course is the AOA core competencies with the 14 entrustable professional activities (EPAs) used to demonstrate growth in those competencies.

Poster Abstracts of Past Specialty Courses

The Specialty Track Distinguishes you

The Blue Box

One of the outcomes of your Clinical Distinction Course is what we call the “blue box” in your MSPE or Deans Letter.

In completing the Clinical Distinction course requirements you and your faculty sponsor will be drafting the text for this part of your Residency Application.

Your Residency application

When you finish drafting your contract and your final narrative form, you will have crafted an executive summary of your project and much of what will be featured in your dean’s letter.

the Executive Summary

Right now if you go to the MSPE summary page you’ll see a long list of real MSPE executive summaries from previous students. In the coming weeks we’ll be sorting a set of executive summaries to help further stimulate your imagination. The summaries can help you come up with ideas for your project.

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