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Board Success Walk Through

This blog details each step of the Board Success Track

As with all other tracks the first steps to the Board Success track are to get approval from your Academic Mentor and to register for the course on time. Contact them to discuss your choice and document their approval before completing the rotation request form.

  1. Getting approval: Contact your Academic Mentor to discuss your choice and document their approval (email will suffice). Do this prior to registering for the course!
  2. Registering for the course: The rotation request form is due 60 days prior to the start date of your course. Some students are shunted to a Board Success track late at the end of the Spring term because of their performance on the CBSE and/or COMSAE; and the CED does not need 60 days in these cases because they do not have to credential a preceptor.
  3. Submit a Contract of Study: Board Success Contract Link
    • When it’s due: This contract of study is due on the first day of the course.
      • It’s a good idea to draft it and talk with your mentor about it at least one week in advance so that it can be turned in on day one.
    • Components of the Contract: This contract is an online form which asks you to describe your course of study
      • why you’ve chosen it
      • what you are going to study
      • how you are going to study
      • what schedule you are going to follow
      • how you will determine if you should pass the course
    • Collaboration with your Academic Mentor is Key: Collaboration on your study plan is a tool for success offered to students through this course.  You are required to report your progress to your Academic Mentor during each week of your Board Success track.
      • You can complete this form independently and send it to your Academic mentor for review by selecting the right option in the online form when directed.
      • You could also draft some ideas and then make an appointment with your Academic mentor to review them before submitting the form.
      • The contract is signed electronically by you and your sponsor
    • How to Fill out the Form: Use this Board Success contract of learning Link and follow the directions to complete your contract of study for Board Success.
    • Getting Approval: Once you submit your contract your Academic Mentor will be asked to approve it and submit their approval. When this happens you will be notified that you are approved to start your study plan.
    • Save the notification email – it has your link to complete the documentation at the end of the course!
  4. Completion Documentation: Board Success Completion Form
    • When its Due: At the end of the course you must evaluate your work during the course. It’s due on the last Friday of the course.
    • Components of the Completion Form:
      • The link to the online form arrives via email when your project is approved. (SAVE THE EMAIL!)
      • The online form will review what you contracted to do and ask you to describe:
        • If you did anything differently than you planned
        • If you were successful in your plan
        • If you think you passed the course
      • The online form also gives you ample room to discuss your experience in a narrative form.
    • Collaboration with your Academic Mentor is Key: Getting quality feedback through discussion of your form is an option for the Board Success Track.
      • After you submit your self-evaluation the form will be sent to your Academic Mentor to review and they will be asked to submit a pass/fail grade or they will ask you for revisions before submitting your grade.
  5. Course Structure Evaluation: at the end of the course you’ll be prompted by NI to fill out an evaluation of Clinical Distinction.
    • This is different than your self evaluation or completion paperwork, and speaks to the opportunity, tools provided, and structure of the course. It’s due on the last day of the course.


When completing the rotation request form, make sure you have documented approval from your Academic Mentor first.

  • When you document how you will evaluate yourself as passing the course, don’t write “must pass boards”
    •  there are already steep consequences for not passing the boards – don’t risk adding failed CD course. Consider “did all the studying I said I was going to do and improved as per the rubric on entrustability etc., more specific etc
  • Plan ahead to decrease stress!
    • Meet with your Academic Mentor throughout the Spring term, or as soon as you know you are using first block for Board Success, and discuss your Board Success plan two weeks before the start of the course
    • Submit your contract one week before the start of the course
    • Start drafting your evaluation one week before the course ends
    • Submit it by Thursday or Friday on the last day of the course