Clinical Distinction

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Integrative medicine is just an idea… what does it mean to you? What areas of integrative medicine do you want to explore? What follows is a pre-designed course but Clinical Distinction can be designed to meet your learning needs. You have many options but to simplify you can either design your own course and find a sponsor interested in working with you or use the following template as your course design. If you design your own course, and find a sponsor, you can still utilize resources below to help you in your studies or as a jumping off point.

Structured Course Template

Integrative Medicine offers a course template for Clinical Distinction has course learning objectives and structured assignments and allows the student to do less development in their specialty track. The descriptions below explain the activities and requirements for the course as designed. As always a contract and narrative evaluation must be written by the student. If a student is interested in using these resources but not following the template they should contact the faculty sponsor listed below to discuss their ideas or find a different sponsor to work with and pitch your plan! 

Through these resources, students may work to further their integrative medicine knowledge and skills.

Resources and Ideas

Course Learning Objectives:

  • Integrate principles of integrative medicine and apply their principles into all core rotations and specialties
  • Provide a framework that ensures competency and comfort level of use and application of integrative medicine
  • Develop osteopathic physician leaders to champion the principles of integrative medicine
  • Mentor and inspire our students to embody the D.O. difference through tangible integrative medicine and osteopathic principles
  • Utilize the mind, body, spirit connection in the understanding of health, disease and treatment of patients
  • Develop student skills in integrative modalities, diagnosis, and treatment plans
  • Review the anatomic and physiologic principles that reinforce indications for integrative approaches, as well as fundamental basic science knowledge
  • Utilize the tenants of osteopathic medicine in the integrative treatment of patients

Students will be required to achieve a minimum of 250 points to be considered eligible for Integrative Medicine Clinical Distinction.  Components that must be included in the portfolio to achieve integrative medicine honors may include:

  • 2 week Integrative Medicine Elective Rotation- 50 points
    • Must keep logs similar to core rotations
  • 4 week Integrative Medicine Elective Rotation- 100 points
    • Must keep logs similar to core rotations
  • Attendance at an integrative medicine conference – 25 points per 8 hour day
    • Submit registration approval form
    • Submit payment receipt
    • For an extra 10 points write a 2-5 page reflection of what you learned at this conference.
  • Participation in Integrative Medicine Research (with a note from the Primary Investigator)- 75 points
    • Submit note from investigator, poster, paper or other completion component
  • Preparation of an integrative medicine topic for the elective at Touro -25 points
    • Subject to approval by Dr. Nuño
  • Presentation of an integrative medicine topic to the students enrolled in elective at Touro – 25 points
  • Present integrative medicine topic to faculty, staff, colleagues at rotation site – 25 points
    • Subject to approval by Dr. Nuño
  • Review of Integrative Medicine research topic and write synthesis summary of findings with citations – 25 points
    • Minimum of 5 sources
    • 1 page written summary in Microsoft Word or 5 slide presentation in PowerPoint
  • Submission of an article to an Integrative Medicine journal – 100 points
    • Submit manuscript sent
  • Reading of an Integrative Medicine text a with written 1 pg minimum summary- 15 points per text
    • Submit summary of text
  • Other project advised by an OMM Faculty Advisor (either at TUCOM or community physician)- points TBD (This is your chance to be creative about what you would like to complete! Come up with a plan, work it out with your advisor, and we will determine how many points it will achieve)
    • Submission of project

Other requirements for clinical distinction include:

  • A two-three page essay reflecting on advancement in integrative medicine knowledge, over year III and how you intend to continue to improve your skills as an osteopathic physician
  • Completion of the Integrative Medicine Portfolio
    • Students should create a folder on their computer. In this folder they should retain exhibits of completion and competency for each of their chosen modes of accumulating points (see examples of exhibits above for each of the ways to get points- other innovative exhibits will be accepted as described below).
    • Students may use the “Integrative Medicine Portfolio Tracking Guide” to keep track of points
    • Exhibits may include
      • Signed evaluations related to integrative medicine achievements
      • Certificates of completion
      • Signed attendance sheets
      • Photos
      • Written reflections (on average 1 page)
      • Exemplars of submitted work (soap notes, journal summaries, presentations etc)
      • Letters or notes from preceptors
    • Exhibits should be kept as PDF- and combined together into one PDF for submission

Portfolios will be reviewed by Dr. Nuño or other Faculty Advisor as assigned.  Feedback will be given to the student and recommendation for clinical distinction will be made based on submission.

Faculty Sponsor

Dr. Victor Nuno, OMM/OPP Department TUCOM