Clinical Distinction

Your future, by you

Who We Are

The most successful clinical distinction courses are designed by students who understand the course

There are a lot of ways to get the information you need:

  • Read the website
  • Read the blog
  • Review the learning modules on Canvas (coming soon)
  • Attend an orientation or office hours session

But using the Clinical Distinction team is your surest path to success.

Be sure to review the resources before you make an appointment to get the most out of your time.

Your success in clinical distinction is directly related to what you put into the course. But without fully understanding what options are available to you, your capacity to shine is limited. Reading the website, reading the blog and meeting with your course director to get your questions answered and find out what you don’t know you don’t know is an important step in being successful in Clinical Distinction.

You Are the Instructor and the Student for Clinical Distinction. You’ve been a student your whole life. The CD team is here to teach you how to be the instructor.

The framework of the Clinical Distinction course is based on adult learning theory. It sets you up to succeed. But you do have to learn a little about learning.

In student-directed learning, the student decides what the outcome is, how they will get there and how they will assess the journey.

The Core competencies define the learning outcomes, the contract allows for documentation of the process and the MSPE features your work in a way that speaks to residency directors.

The Course Director is here to help you navigate the journey. Office hours and meetings can help open up a world of possibilities, but you won’t know unless you take the time to have a conversation.

The Team

Each of the CD team members can help you navigate the logistics of Clinical Distinction. The course directors are your go to for ideas, help finding a sponsor, and creating the best possible project. The CD coordinator can help you meet all the requirements, complete the right forms and find exactly everything you need.

Dr. Walter Hartwig

  • Director of Enrollment and Student Management Services, Course Director Clinical Distinction
  • Best Ways to reach me is Email
  • send your phone number when you email me
  • Office hours are by appointment m-f

Dr. Walter Hartwig, PhD

Walter Hartwig is an anthropologist who has been with Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine for 25 years.  He has served as teaching faculty, department chair, and as Associate Dean of Academic Affairs from 2013 – 2020.  In his current role, as Director of Enrollment Management and Student Success, he manages the holistic review process for TUCOM admissions, and partners with each student toward their residency match and professional goals.  He enjoys working with students on their Clinical Distinction plans because of the power that those experiences bring to each residency application.

Dr. Jennifer Weiss

  • Assistant Dean Faculty Development
  • Best way to reach me: Email and include your phone number.
  • Office hours are by appointment m/w/f and the last Friday of each block at noon.
  • On sabbatical between February 1- September 17th
  • Available to discuss Biodynamic Osteopathy

Dr. Jennifer Weiss is the Assistant Dean of Faculty Development and before that was TUCOM’s Director of Clinical Curriculum. In 2016 she created the Clinical Distinction course. In addition to being a Touro Alumni she completed the Sutter UCSF Santa Rosa Family Medicine Residency in 2006. She has worked trained with Dr. Jealous since 2000 and both teaches and practices Biodynamic Osteopathy. Her practice in Santa Rosa includes Functional Medicine, and holistic Osteopathic care. During her Sabbatical she’ll be writing a graduate level biodynamic curriculum.

Coming August 2023: Scheduler

Mr. Glenn Davis

  • Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs, Course Director Clinical Distinction
  • best ways to reach me: Email or Office:  (707) 638-5275

Mr. Davis is a veteran medical educator with experience in curriculum development, student affairs, and accreditation at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.   He has been with the Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine for 20 years and has served a variety of roles including Curriculum Director, and currently is the Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs. Mr. Davis’s graduate training program, entirely student-directed, was the model for the framework of Clinical Distinction.

Candyce Sullivan

Candyce hasn’t been at TUCOM as long as the rest of us, but you can’t go wrong consulting this fabulous mind. She handles your rotation requests for vacation, electives and clinical distinction and has a grasp of the course you won’t find in any other coordinator. You want to pay attention if you see an email in your inbox from Mrs. Sullivan and you want to reach out to her with all your questions. She’s quick to respond and truly enjoys watching students grow through this course.