Clinical Distinction

Your future, by you

Example Documents

Sample MSPE

The following Sample MSPE allows you to see how CD can be highlighted in your MSPE. The rest of the MSPE is included and follows what is expected in a standard MSPE.

Class of 2018 Sample MSPE

Faculty Sponsor Request Letter Sample

Preceptor letter of support Sample

The best faculty sponsor is one who can observe you in the workplace performing EPAs or doing your contracted work. In many cases this will be an adjunct faculty and students are often unsure of how to approach them. An email in advance discussing your opportunity is a great start. We’ve drafted a letter that can be modified to show your own enthusiasm and ideas. You can also use it as a script to talk to ,or email, a potential sponsor.

Contracts And Narrative Evaluation Process

The process of drafting a contract, getting it approved, completing your self-evaluation, submitting it to your Faculty Sponsor, and getting their evaluation back is how you pass Clinical Distinction. It is an automated workflow process which requires that you read the form instructions and complete the form correctly. Your Faculty Sponsor needs to do this too!

Each step in the automated workflow is initiated by an action – either yours or your sponsor’s and this action triggers an event.

  • You click the link for a form, complete it and click SUBMIT.
  • This triggers the form to be sent to someone – your sponsor or your Course Director.
  • The sponsor or Course director reviews your form and makes notes, decides to accept the contract or rejects it. When they submit the form you are notified, by email, immediately.
  • Notification Emails contain links to the form you completed – using the link you can revise and re-submit the form. Once a form is submitted the link stops working. Until you click submit, you can keep using the link.

The Contract for a specialty project asks for specific information. In this  Sample Specialty Track Contract you can view on the left column the questions and on the right a set of mock answers.

When the contract is returned to you with a request for revisions by your Course director or Sponsor, you’ll find their comments towards the end. Even though much of the information is work you already filled in, you might need to use the back button and change things after reviewing their comments. Again, once you click submit the link stops working but you can use the link as many times as you want prior to clicking submit.

The narrative evaluation is completed first by the student. The link to the narrative evaluation is in the email you get when your contract is approved. If you don’t have this email, it’s likely your contract was never approved. After the student completes the narrative evaluation of themselves, they submit it to their sponsor. The sponsor then completes the faculty portion.

What follows is a sample of completed narrative evaluations. These were chosen somewhat randomly when students offered approval rather than to demonstrate a particular use of the form. The forms are real and the names have been removed. Each form might look a little different depending on your contract.