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Teaching skills are necessary tools to have to be a successful Osteopathic physician. We teach our patients through patient education, and often help to educate inter professional team members, other physicians, and medical trainees.  This track allows you to explore & develop your teaching skills through a variety of possible activities from teaching in preclinical labs, developing & delivering a lecture, creating learning materials for patients/students/etc, and developing curricula.

There are several ways to approach designing a specialty project in academic medicine. One is to use the resources below in a combination that suits your learning needs. A second is to work with the primary care department on a “Taste of the Fellowship” project – described below. Finally, design your own: We’ve had students create elective courses, medical spanish curriculum, attend academic medicine conferences, teach medical topics to fellow third years …..


Online courses:

Taste of the Academic Fellowship

There are students that express an interest in learning what is “behind the scenes” of preparing and delivering the curriculum to medical students, beyond just being a clinical preceptor.  This subject area that can be built into a specialty track is designed for those who want just a taste and not the full Academic Fellowship offered at TUCOM.
for a more structured specialty track experience, consider working with PCD faculty and PCD fellows……..The student in this track will be treated as a “mini” fellow.  They will be expected to work with osteopathic doctoring course coordinators in designing and facilitating a small group lab, a large lecture (time permitting), will host office hours for student mentoring, and will assist in delivery of the basic skills examinations (depending on time of the CD).  They will be part of the primary departmental meetings as well.

Interested Faculty Sponsors

Dr. Jennifer Weiss (on sabbatical February 2023-July 2023)