Clinical Distinction

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With an overweight nation, and a lack of attention to nutrition in medical curriculums, more than ever this material is critical to your education.


  • Nutrition In Medicine online modules
  • Nutrition-focused clinical activities
    • Submit reflective writing about encounters with patients facing a nutrition-related health issue
    • Create educational materials for patients/families on specific nutrition-related topics
  • Nutrition focused community activities
    • Investigate community challenges and resources related to availability of healthy foods
      • Example: interview someone at WIC about supporting moms and children nutritionally
    • Volunteer with community organizations involved in meeting community needs related to nutrition and health and write about it
  •  Literature review on a nutrition-related question of particular interest to you
  • Understand different nutrition paradigms
  • Explore literature and research about nutrition

Interested Faculty Sponsors

Dr. Grace Jones

Dr. Jennifer Weiss