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Backup Sponsor 1

You know your rotation request form is due 60 days before your course starts and you haven’t found a sponsor. You do have a great idea for a project. Reach out to your Clinical Distinction Course Director and talk to them about being a back-up sponsor.

You’ve designed a longitudinal specialty track course and you really want an anesthesiologist to be your sponsor but you haven’t met one yet. Talk to your Clinical Distinction Course Director about being your back-up sponsor.

You are in the middle of a longitudinal Specialty Track course and your sponsor is leaving the state. You know what to do… talk to your Clinical Distinction Course Director about being a back-up Sponsor.

A back-up sponsor will not be your sponsor at the end of the project except in the worst case scenario.

A back-up sponsor won’t be able to give you a fabulous evaluation.

Getting a back-up sponsor means you have to take on the responsibility of getting a sponsor and notifying your back-up sponsor and the CD course coordinator you’ve made the transition.

Getting a back-up sponsor means your contract can only be provisionally approved. Once you have a real sponsor you’ll send them your contract – so it’s one extra step.

Certain requirements must be met:

  • You must have a plan in place for finding an official sponsor including a date or time frame within which you will get this sponsor
  • You must complete a provisional contract – approved by your Course Director
  • You must RE-SUBMIT your contract to your actual sponsor once they agree to be your sponsor.

Steps to take if you want to use a back-up sponsor:

  1. Explain your plan to your Course Director and find out if they are willing to be a back up sponsor.
  2. If they agree, submit your rotation request form with their name and email in the sponsor fields.
  3. Next, complete a contract of learning using the regular link. In the sponsor fields, put the back-up sponsor’s name and email.

The last item of the contract looks like this:


4. Mark the the last bubble – The student would like the CD Course Director to be the back-up sponsor.

5. Keep the email: when the CD course Director approves the contract, you’ll get an email with a link that you need to keep! 

6. When you find an official sponsor, you’ll click the link in the email, and change the name of your sponsor and email on the first page to your official sponsor and then change the last item; select “please send this contract to my sponsor for review.”

At this point your official sponsor will be able to request you make changes to your contract or approve it. It’s always the last item in the form that needs to change and allows the form to move back and forth. If you don’t get an email saying your contract was approved, it wasn’t approved!

If you still have questions, reach out to your Clinical Distinction Course Director – we’re here to help!