Clinical Distinction

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Requirement Review: Specialty Tracks

Requirements for all CD Specialty Courses are the Same

Clinical Distinction Specialty Tracks have only a few very straightforward requirements:

  1. rotation request must be approved by the CED well in advance of starting the course.
  2. contract of learning must be approved by the course sponsor – it’s due on the first day of the course.*
  3. A narrative self-evaluation must be reviewed and evaluated by the course sponsor  – it’s due on the last day of the course.*
  4. The Sponsor’s evaluation of your work should be preceded by an Exit interview.
  5. Every course in third year requires you complete a general evaluation in New Innovations – a reminder will be sent to you at the end of the scheduled block.

*CED recognizes that while a student may be prompt about completing his/her work on time, it may be challenging to get faculty signatures on the contract, have an exit interview and get faculty evaluations on time. Reasonable leeway is given and CED will do as much as possible to assist the student in this process. Ultimately, it is up to the student to plan ahead and communicate with their course faculty sponsor so that the faculty member is available in a timely fashion to sign contracts, do exit interviews and complete evaluations.