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Why Competencies and EPAs are part of The Language of Clinical Distinction

When traveling to a foreign land, learning the language first allows a more robust experience of the culture, environment and people. Relationships can develop through shared communication. EPAs and competencies are the language of medical education. They inform how educators at both the UME and GME levels communicate. It colors the landscape and influences curriculum and assessment. It is the language residency directors speak and if offers a framework for understanding the developmental process of becoming a medical professional.

Clinical Distinction offers medical students an opportunity to learn and speak the native language of their educators. The more robust the students’ use of this paradigm, the more effective their Clinical Distinction process will be. This effect will be apparent in the student experience, in the MSPE, and in the project outcome.

Medical education is an ongoing spiraling process: knowledge and skills are learned and then integration with critical thinking occurs, and a deeper and more meaningful understanding develops.  Gathering clinical and life experiences allow a spiraling backwards and upwards through the knowledge and skills, and continued development of clinical acumen and a professional identity.